Welcome to my world of writing. 

Life is a journey and each day is a new page. What we do with that page of our life is up to us. Personally, I want my pages to be full and interesting.

During the last three years, I have asked myself, "What do you think you are doing?" I've always wanted to write and I've told stories to my children through the years. I thought this gave me a background to writing. Oh, Boy, was I surprised!

The fun is in the learning. I thought I was going to write women's fiction and be another Deb Rainey or Yvonne Lehman, but that didn't happen.

The first thing I wrote was women's fiction, but I never could get the feel of it and it's on the shelf for another time. 

Then I tried a fantasy. It's on that shelf, beside the women's fiction. I couldn't come up with a finish for it either. My oldest granddaughter wants me to finish it so she can put it in her school library, but she'll probably be out of school before I get to it.

Finally, I hit something I liked. I wrote a short story about a family in Tennessee in 1796. I loved the research and the history. I think I found my home. 

Join me in my journey to publishing my novel.

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